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Meaningful Memorials is a family run business established in 1996 and we cover all areas of North West, Manchester, Lancashire, and Cheshire. We pride ourselves on giving you a quality crafted personalised service for your bespoke memorials for your loved ones.

Looking after your memorial and maintaining its stone look is important - here we have covered a few options that you will be able to do. Should you need more advice please do get in touch either by emailing us or call 07999 753143.

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Cleaning & Renovation

Memorial Cleaning from £100

Cleaning & Restoration
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Inscriptions are a personal tribute to your loved one and we look to give you as much help as possible to get the right words at this very difficult time. Here are some things to consider when putting your specials words together:


  • Take time deciding your inscription, we like you to take your time to get it right.

  • Will it be a family decision on the words and if so make sure everyone is happy with what is being chosen.

  • Look to express how you feel about your loved one, for example in loving memory .... why not look at using remembered with love. 

  • Putting a lot of words into a small space may make the memorial look cluttered.  

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Caring for your memorial

Caring for your memorial may seem quite simple when you look at the stone but this is not always the case. 

Consideration needs to be given to the stone memorial in the cleaning process in order not to damage the stone.

We can give you our expert opinion on the best options for cleaning stone.  We will need to consider the below when looking at your memorial or statue.

  • If the stone shows signs of deterioration, flaking or scaling.

  • What kind of stone is it as this will determine the cleaning process that is undertaken.  

  • An onsite report will be put together for you to see the work required.

  • Please note that in some cases the lettering may become worn and will need to be replaced or recut.

Stone care and maintenance need to be as gentle as possible as well as the cleaning products that are used to restore the stone. We do not use a power washer or chemical substances that can be harmful.

Caring fo your Memorial
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